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Easy but addicting, simple, yet interesting. These characteristics with the ability to generate pleasant time spending during gameplay can be said to be main descriptors of any perfect game that any person would surely like to play. Who could say that small online flash game can fall under them? Well, meet the “Cubefield” game! The basic principle for the game is to help the outcast triangle survive in the world of cubes. The little geometry figure tries to pass through the desert field full of enemies, and the further it goes the harder process is, as number of cubes increases blocking all the possible way outs. The control system is easy. Two buttons to change the movement trajectory: right and left. From some point of view it reminds a racing game where the main task is to survive and not to hit the obstacle. Surprisingly, for a flash game of this type, graphics is very pleasant. When you play the game you will realize that changes during a gaming process are happening really quickly: the speed of triangle movement is high, cubes appear unexpectedly and overall situation changes rather often. Despite this fact, they don`t affect the game at all, so that you won`t be irritated by lags. Everything happens nicely and smoothly. The game has only one level with one major task: go as far as possible to get the highest score. The score, in turn, shows your level of professionalism and reaction speed. Try to compete to your friends and prove that you are the best among them. Who knows, maybe it`s the first step to racing career? So, play “Cubefield”, compete with friends and prove to cubes that triangles are worth something! You will surely have a nice time, so that you will want to play again this amazing game in future.