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Polygon Racer 3D

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The game's goal is to get started from start point of a road to the end before run out of time. In total, there are twelve races across the United States. Each race corresponds to one state of the US, going from Maine to the California. A time award bonus is after each quarter of the total distance in the race is covered. Hitting another racer will skid you of the road, and this will increase the vulnerability of hitting something else. The road has traffic obstacles and the design of the road itself will slow down the player, so she has to adapt her own driving. To improve the player's vehicle performance, the player can buy upgrades like engines, tires and gear boxes. The control of the polygon 3D racer game is by use of arrow keys. The game will support the old-school type 3D glasses. The left and right key steers the vehicle, forward and backward keys accelerates and applies break to the vehicle. V changes the view while P will pause the game.