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Ragdoll Volleyball

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Ragdoll games are very popular games that you can play online. You can score by dodging, firing, dipping and ducking from incoming danger in these simple casual games. You represent a bikini clad ragdoll who needs to defeat another bikini ragdoll by scoring higher points. You can also win by forfeit if another opponent bikini ragdoll gets so bloodied that she cannot continue further. Match is held in a weird arena where ball can be shot like an asteroid from space. Ball can bounce off the ceilings and walls. Timed shots are necessary to make good score. Whoever scores 10 points first, wins the game. Higher the opponent bikini girl’s level, more points you earn for every goal. As per rule, you can make maximum three touches to send ball on to the other side. Lamp turns green when you score and if you fail to send ball in three touches, lamp turns red. If ball hits the cross button, a bone breaker comes out of nowhere, which could be lethal. Be careful of spear while making shot in the middle of the field. With every win you unlock new level. Controls are very simple, you can use arrow keys for movement and space bar for making shots. If you are playing with another human player then 1st player uses a, w, s and d for movement, and r for shots while 2nd player uses arrow key and space bar combination. Compete with your friends or play with computer to score some huge scores to see your name on high score list. Rule is simple and game is simple, go enjoy.